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Cervical Decompression Therapy in Athens

ModpodDue to the growing number of cervical spine (neck) related problems we are seeing at Massey Chiropractic, our office has sought out a variety of techniques and services to more effectively treat them.

Specifically, we have recently incorporated cervical decompression therapy.

The Pain Relief You Need

Decompression therapy applies a gentle and regulated stretching force to the neck in an effort to open disc spaces and create a negative pressure (vacuum) effect within the disc, which can help to draw nutrients, fluid, and/or bulging or herniated disc material back into the disc space where it belongs. This retraction can result in decreased pressure on the nerve roots of the neck, and therefore relief from pain, tingling, or numbness in the neck, shoulder, arm and hand. It can also improve comfort and movement throughout the neck.

Decompression therapy differs from traditional traction in it’s sophistication and ability to sense resistance and relaxation and respond with either increased or decreased tension. Standard traction therapy causes a simple and consistent pull that can sometimes trigger the muscles of the neck to respond by tightening, thus making the therapy less comfortable and less effective. Decompression therapy also alternates between stretching and relaxation, making the separation more effective and less likely to cause muscular response.

What to Expect From the ModPod

Our decompression unit (the ModPod) is developed and manufactured just down the road in Chattanooga. It utilizes a computerized feedback sensor that responds to your body in the case of your neck muscles involuntarily tightening or correcting the tension if the prescribed force is somehow interrupted.

A typical decompression session has the patient lying comfortably on their back on a padded table, their neck cradled and supported by a rubber wedge and a nylon strap across the base of the head. A padded strap across the forehead stabilizes the head during treatment. The device then applies gentle stretching pressure for a prescribed period of time, followed by a period of relaxation and decreased stretch. This cycle is repeated for approximately 15 minutes each session.

Patients should feel no pain during or after a decompression session, though they will sense stretching during and possibly improved movement after each treatment.

Your cervical spinal decompression therapy in Athens is often covered by insurance, which is accepted at our office. Contact us today to learn more about this healing option!

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